The Best Natural, Non-Toxic Face Creams & Lotions

Our skin is the largest organ on our body and absorbs up to 60% of what we apply and goes into our bloodstream. The moisturizers and other products we put on our body can be just as important as what we put in our bodies.

In fact, the Environmental Working Group published results of two studies in 2005 that found toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies born in the U.S. . More than 400 chemicals were screened for and a surprising 287 toxins were detected within the umbilical cord blood of these newborns. Of these 287 chemicals, 217 were neurotoxins, and 208 are known to damage growth development or cause birth defects.

We decided to put some of the biggest names in natural to the test to find the best creams and lotions that do not contain harmful chemicals to determine which were the best.

The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm

This soothing balm is infused with plant botanicals that are rich in electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that help heal damaged skin. It has a medium texture that is good for everyday use, but may be too thick for those with oilier skin types. Our skin felt moisturized and smooth even after wearing all day.

Get it here for $30.


Kahina Giving Beauty Face Cream

Our splurge cream comes in at $105 and targets signs of aging. This natural cream helps firm and lift facial skin while improving tone and minimizing the signs of fine lines. It is a bit heavier so we recommend using at night, which is the perfect time to use products that combat aging.

Get it here for $105.


FARMACY Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer

This lightweight moisturizer melts into skin easily and provided good moisture throughout the day. It’s light enough for everyday use and the honey in it is sourced from a farm in upstate New York.

Get it here for $45.