Facial Oil: The Key Skincare Step For Healthy, Radiant Skin

As we get older our skin naturally produces less oil and moisturizers are often times not enough to keep skin healthy and radiant. A great facial oil, derived from plants, provides essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that lotions and creams don't. In fact, most traditional lotions are loaded with harmful chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), synthetic colors & fragrances, and even formaldehyde to name a few.

Oils have been popular for centuries in Eastern cultures, but have just recently made their way to the West. A great, natural oil delivers the essential vitamins and minerals to keep skin healthy and improve the overall appearance including skin's elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and adding a youthful glow. An oil should be worked into your everyday routine to strengthen your skin and prevent signs of aging.

Have oily skin? Don't believe the myths from the ads in the 90's and early 2000's. Oil can be great for oily skin because it helps regulate the skin's own oil production. If you have oily skin, try replacing your moisturizer with a clean oil. If you have very dry skin, try putting on a clean moisturizer first followed by an oil.

Doesn't oil clog pores? A great face oil will not clog your pores, look for oils with a base of Jojoba, Argan or Almond, these oils will not clog your pores. There are other oils that will clog your pores such as Coconut Oil (that's not fractionated) and some Avocado oils. 

Given the saturated oil market we tested dozens of facial oils to find our top picks. We were looking for oils that produced tangible results, our main criteria for results were super smooth skin, reducing the appearance of lines, good absorption and tightening our skin. We also only used oils that had only safe ingredients, preferably 100% plant based with a focus on natural and organic plant oils. Below are our favorites, and while the best oils can be pricey, remember a little goes a long way and 1 oz. can probably last you up to 6 months depending on your usage.

naked + thriving

By far and away, Naked + Thriving's REJUVENATE Restorative Facial Oil was the favorite among the group. Aside from the brand's cheeky name (which we love) this oil had the most visible results from the moment we used it! We saw a reduction in facial lines, more even skin tone and we literally could not stopping touching our faces (so soft!) and a little goes a long way since it is highly concentrated; they say a bottle lasts 3-4 months, but we guess it's closer to 6. They plant a tree for every bottle sold and are made from 99% certified organic ingredients. REJUVENATE uses some of our favorite and most active oils such as Argan, Sea Buckthorn, Chia Seed & Pomegranate. If you're going to try just one oil, this is the one. And they have a great body oil as well.

Post Update:  Naked + Thriving is currently offering 10% off full-size oils. Use code CLEAN10 at checkout. As always we love to pass along sales when we see them!


Our second pick is Ogee's Seeds of Youth Serum. This oil applies easily to the skin and consists of Jojoba Oil, Ylang Ylang & Aloe.  While our first pick is our favorite, this is a fairly close second given it's quick absorption and improvement of fine lines.


Our next pick, Odacite's An Autumn on The World, is a great albeit expensive oil. We loved the way it felt on our skin, however, it is half the size of Naked + Thriving and more than double the cost ($149). Our other qualm is that while this is touted as a "clean" oil, it does not have certified organic or natural ingredients. 



It was only a matter of time before Gwyneth released her own facial oil and here it is. While we love the clean packaging and the oil is pretty great we did not love the scent.  We did struggle to understand a price point of $110 when the first ingredient is sunflower oil (one of the cheaper oils out there).




Bringing up the rear of our top facial oils is ila's face oil for glowing radiance. This facial oil also touts Argan as a key ingredient and produced some great results. We noticed a more even skin tone, however, we did not see line reduction as with some of the others. Also, the dropper on this bottle was unlike most others and not as easy to use, which, at the end of the day if our beauty routine can be made easier, it's always a plus in our book.