The Best Clean Body Oils

There is something exquisitely decadent about using a body oil. They are luxurious to the touch, provide skin with incredible moisture, a healthy glow, and leave skin soft and supple. Even the best oils that absorb quickly take a minute to sink in and it is in this luxurious moment that we can appreciate taking care of ourselves.

A conventional body oil can be as full of toxins, artificial fragrances and chemicals as a conventional body lotion. We tried a few dozen clean body oils over the last several months and narrowed down our favorites, just in time for winter. These oils left our skin feeling and looking amazing.


Naked + Thriving Nourishing Body Oil

We were fans of their facial oils last year and their new body oil blew away our expectations, which is why it sits at the top of our list. Naked + Thriving's Nourishing Body Oil smells absolutely divine, think lavender meets citrus. It absorbed very quickly, even for an oil, and did not leave any greasy residue on the skin. Hours after we applied our skin still felt soft and looked wonderfully radiant. And at $44 for a 4 oz. it is very fairly priced for a body oil.


Rahua Amazon Body Oil


The Rahua oil also went on very smoothly and left our skin with a healthy glow. The oil absorbed quickly, but not quite as quickly as Naked + Thriving’s. We were split on the scent of this oil as it was a bit sweet.The final reason it’s number 2 and not number 1 is because it comes in at more than twice the price with a 2 oz. bottle going for $57.


Organic Pharmacy Rose and Jasmine Body Oil


This oil is truly luxurious. It did not absorb as quickly as the others and felt a bit heavier, which some people may like. It also is full of fragrance, which can be great if you don’t want to put on a perfume, but if you do not like overpowering fragrances then this is not the one for you. The scent is a beautiful jasmine and rose and a 3.4 oz. bottle goes for $66.


de Mamiel Restoration Body Serum


This serum tied for our favorite scent; a beautiful mix of floral, citrus and woody notes. The oil went on nicely and absorbed relatively quickly. While our skin was left feeling soft, it also was left with a slight sheen long after it absorbed. A 3.4 oz. bottle will cost you $85.