3 Natural Deodorants & How They Stood Up

Natural deodorants are all the craze these days and there are plenty to choose from. We decided to try three this month to see how they stood up to the sweat of everyday life and how they handled under more extreme circumstances like the Barry's Bootcamp class we took (what were we thinking?!)

Native Deodorant

Native was our favorite for a few reasons. First, the scent! We tried the Lavender & Rose and it is one of the most pleasant smells, can they make it as a body spray?? Also, it was able to stand up to a tough workout. We sweat a little, which is normal since these are not antiperspirants, but did not smell at all! And Native lasted a solid 24 hours without reapplying.


Agent Nateur N 3

The scent of Agent Nateur we found to be pleasant and slightly masculine because of the strong eucalyptus. And while the deodorant did stand up to regular wear and tear of going to work, dinner, etc., we found that it did not work as well during our workouts. It's also a bit more expensive, $21.


Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Admittedly, the group was slightly hesitant to try Soapwalla given the hand to armpit application. First, it did work well and stand up to our workouts. Second, it has a sweet, citrus-y scent that we loved. Third, we couldn't really get over the hand application, it's fine after a shower, but applying midday or on the go is a bit less ideal.